Wall is available on Amazon for 2.99 or “free” on Kindle Unlimited!


I want my wife back, but I lost the right to be with her one drunken night four years ago. She might think I bailed, but I’ve been here all along. When she finally comes to me? I ain’t letting her go again.


I’ve moved on. Not literally. And not in my heart. But I’m not the broken woman whose husband betrayed her and left. I’m stronger now.

But when I run into trouble, and I need a backup? Well, John Wall is still the biggest, toughest man I’ve ever known.

I thought I knew what tore us apart, but when I let John back in, I realize the past isn’t always how you remember. And second chances? They can break you forever.

Wall is a 43,000-word short read set in the Steel Bones Motorcycle Club World. It takes place before the action of Charge and Nickel’s Story, and it can be read as a standalone. Wall is a redemption story that deals with infidelity and pregnancy loss.


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